Is Your Website An Effective Tool That Supports Your Digital Marketing & Business Growth Goals?

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Website Design & Build

Your website design is your business’ biggest marketing asset!

Great website design and development is important, especially if your digital marketing strategy is to succeed. A website can no longer be a simple online version of your brochure. So your website needs to be dynamically and intuitively designed to encourage visitors to engage with your business.

Your website needs to be an effective tool that generates leads for your business. Therefore your ideal client, their needs and expectations need to be central to your website.

We can help you by designing and developing a website that will help your business grow. Your website will include functionality visitors will find useful and will be built with search engines in mind.

Our process is simple…

Strategy & Planning

Start by understanding your business better and hat you are wanting the new website to achieve. Your potential clients also need to be better understood. Thought needs to also be given to how your website would fit into their lives. How would your website provide solutions to their challenges or help them reach their goals?

The next step is to look at how to align your business goals with those of your client’s. This is done by creating a detailed list of features and content for your website needed to solve user challenges and drive value. This list is then prioritised based on each items potential impact.

Design & Build

Initial website layout designs are created based on what has been discovered during the planning and strategy phase. Once the initial design has been completed the development of your website template, functionality and content is carried out.

This would would focus on the most impactful features and functionality, creating a website that delivers strong value to the users.

Gather Initial Data

Measurement tools used on the website help gather initial user data, which helps understand what is working well and whether or not the site is on track to achieve your goals.

This initial data can also identify potential improvements that can be carried out or features that could provide greater value for the user.

Continuous Improvement

Over a 2 year period (on average) most websites and their impact following launch tends to stagnate. Businesses then generally spend 3 months redesigning their website and launch it, know very little about how effective it will be.

By carrying out continuous improvement on your website the impact it will have and the results it will produce will increase over time.

Websites Driven By Growth

Using feedback data, assumptions can be tested, designs can be modified and a better user experience can be crafted. By repeating this process of plan, build and learn on a regular cycle means that your website does not stagnate and is more likely to achieve your goals.

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