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Website Audit

Simply put a website audit is a complete analysis of your business website and will help you understand how well your website is performing, in relation to your business goals. This gives you a better idea where your efforts should be focussed, before any significant changes are made to your website.

Website audits shouldn’t only look at the technical elements, but also the user experience and how well it supports your digital marketing efforts and activities.

Marketing Goals

This involves looking at your business and marketing goals for the website.  Measuring and tracking the right information is needed in order for  you to know if you are meeting your goals. You should also have a good understanding of who you want to attract to the website and how many visits are required to meet the goals that you have set.


This gives you a better understanding of how effective your website is in relation to engagement with visitors. This identifies where improvements can be made such as better use of calls to action or optimising landing pages.


This part of an audit would look at the general design and layout of your website. It looks at content and format consistency, and also how easy critical content is to find. How the design fits with your brand as a whole and whether it supports your company message and tone of voice is also considered.

Ease Of Management

This looks into your content management, marketing automation and any other systems used for your website management or digital marketing. Having the correct tools that are easy to use are important to businesses and can help you be more reactive to minor website changes or updates that may be required.


Website ease of use is so important for website visitors. A website audit can help pin point areas of your website which visitors struggle with and therefore leave the site. This could be because your website isn’t responsive to mobile devices or it is not easy to navigate.

Structural Quality

This section of an audit would look at how well your website is structured from a code or search engine point of view. Tags that search engines expect to be included in your website are checked for, as well as other areas to improve, to help search engines index you correctly.


If you want to attract the right people to your website and encourage them to engage with you, you need to understand how well you content works and how best it could be improved and optimised further. This will help you content be clearer, easier to understand and more engaging to your audience.


Building trust with users is important and one of the hardest parts of digital marketing. This looks at how secure your site is and how up to date your systems are. Insecure websites and their backend systems are not just a potential threat to you users but also your business and so it is important to know where and when upgrades are required.

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