How Effectively Does Your Business, Network & Engage With People On Social Media?

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the cornerstones of digital and inbound marketing. It provides a platform for your business to deliver content, interact and engage with your target audience, which in turn builds lasting relationships and trust.

You should always be actively involved in your social media. However to be noticed, you will need to create and curate a large volume of content. This, along with other tasks like engaging with users, monitoring relevant conversations and measuring results, is time consuming and general management and maintenance across a number of social accounts can be frustrating.

Social Media Done Right

We can help with your social media by providing useful tools and guidance, as well as planning, researching, creating and publishing great social media supporting content.

This social media marketing service is aimed at supporting your business’ social activities in a number of key ways:

Social Media Management Dashboard

ClickOnSocial is a great social media management platform which allows you to review content that has been created and scheduled for publishing, create and schedule your own content, research and curate additional content and monitor your feeds and result data.

Content Planning & Creation

Planning social media content is important as it helps you know what content you need to produce, for which social network, by when.

By working with you to get a deep understanding of your business’ services or products, target audience, messages and your company’s story, we can help your business by creating supporting content and increasing your social media activity.

This supporting content is based on the information you provide and the content on your website.

Social Media Guidelines

Creating social media guidelines ensures that whoever in your business is involved in social media, the tone, message and visual elements support your brand and how it should be presented.

It may be the case that each department will have different guidelines based on what social media responsibilities they have and these guidelines make it easier to measure against results and understand where things fall short when these guidelines aren’t followed.

Social Media Asset Creation

Social media is a very visual space. This means that followers of your social pages are more likely to engage with posts that are more visual than others.

What images or video do you have that will encourage a discussion or people to share your content or click through to your website?

Measure, Monitor & Adjust For Better Results

By monitoring the statistics you can understand how content is being received by your followers. This allows you and us to create better, more focused content that receives greater engagement.

With regular feedback from from you, we can adjust the support content we create for your campaign so that it is more in line with what your followers engage with and the message that your business wants delivered.

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