Is Your Business Reaching & Engaging The Right People On Social Media?

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Social Media Advertising

With social media advertising businesses are able to target highly targeted groups of people who are more likely to engage and convert.

Social media has revolutionised how businesses interact and market to people online. Businesses can take advantage of the demographic, geographic, and behaviour based information social networks collect to be more effective at targeting who they advertise to.

Social advertising can help your business:

Put Your Content In Front Of The Right People

Promoting content is one of the most common ways that social media advertising is used. The reason for this is that more often than not relevant content results in greater engagement with people, because it offers greater value than a typical advert would.

By targeting  a wide range of user demographic factors and showing your ad to the right people will improve click through and conversion rates.

Connect With People While They’re Discovering

Social media advertising allows you to connect with more people, while they are discovering entertaining, interesting or helpful content. To them this feels less like marketing and they tend to be more receptive to your message.

Social Media Dominates Mobile

While on mobile devices, people spent 60% of digital media time on social networks. People are already logging in to their social networks regularly through out the day, advertising to people through social media channels is the best way to reach a more receptive audience.

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