Did You Know People Are More Likely To Convert After Their 1st Visit To Your Website?

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Returning visitors are more likely to engage with your business or purchase products. Remarketing reminds people who have been to your site before about your business, products and services.

Using remarketing with your online advertising will create more awareness of your products and services and increase your conversion rate of your audience who have already shown an interest in your businesses product or service.

The conversion rate for the first visit from a new user for most websites is only 2%. Retargeting helps you reach the 98% of visitors who did not initially engage with you or convert.

Website Remarketing

Website remarketing will show web users display adverts on websites they visit after navigating away from your website. The more often they see an ad for your business, service or products, which they had shown interest in, the more recognition and traction you gain. This regular and repeated exposure results in a higher click through rate to your website, as well as an increase in engagement and conversions.

Search Remarketing

Search remarketing means you can customise your search ad campaigns for people who have already visited your site. You are also able to adjust your keyword bids and adverts to these people when they are searching on Google and search partner sites.

This is a highly effective form of online advertising especially when combined with display advertising.

Dynamic Advertising

Dynamic Ads lets you display an ad for a specific product or service. This would be based on a website page they visited or an action they performed. As the content is dynamic, these adverts can include an image or text that relates to their previous visit to your website.

Social Network Remarketing

Social media remarketing shows adverts through that social platform to users that have visited your site while they are logged on to their social media accounts.

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