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Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy & Management

“Pay Per Click” advertising is a digital marketing tool used to to generate highly targeted traffic. Your ads are shown to web users based on a search term, previous browsing history or previous purchases.

Generally Pay Per Click campaigns give you greater control of budgets and, with the right management, reduce online marketing costs and improve return on investment.

Businesses are fast adopting paid per click advertising but often are faced with a number of challenges when setting up, maintaining and optimising a pay per click campaign, such as

  • Not having enough time to devote to campaign management
  • Having a limited knowledge of various advertising platforms and tools
  • Not being able to use reported data to improve campaign performance

These challenges can often lead to under or non performance of your PPC campaign.

TWMA can help solve these challenges for businesses, who see the importance of using pay per click ad campaigns to grow their business. Our team have in-depth knowledge of PPC platforms and tools and understand how to use them effectively.

Setting up and managing a campaign generally involves:

Diligent Research & Great Planning

Carry out research of keywords, trends and ad triggers, before planning your campaign. Once your initial research has been carried out, develop a plan and strategy to deliver strong ad campaigns, campaigns that have a high click through rate and over time reduce the cost per click.

Campaign Asset Recommendations & Creation

It’s important that you create various campaign assets such as eye-catching banners, well written text ads and website landing pages. These assets encourage the right audience to click through from your ad and take action.

Ongoing Measurement & Adjustment

Each ad campaign needs to be regularly measured on an ongoing basis. This gives you a better understanding of how well your campaign is performing and how various campaign elements could be adjusted to improve performance further.

Performance Reporting

Regularly review reports that outline the performance of your various ad campaigns. This helps you control your ad spend and better understand return on investment.

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