Does Your Business Currently Use Dynamic Emails To Build Engagement & Increase Conversions?

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Email Marketing

There is a myth that email marketing is no longer a useful method of digital marketing. This, however, is not the case. Email marketing done correctly can be a highly effective and low cost tool with high return on investment.

Email campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with your leads and clients, inform your audience of new content or special product and service offers and encourage people to revisit your website.

Email marketing is important to your business’ digital marketing strategy because the message can have far greater reach. Added to this, the cost of an email marketing campaign is much lower than traditional direct mail campaigns, ensuring that you are able to reach a large number of potential clients at a fraction of the cost.

Great Email Marketing Tools & Support For Your Business

By using a platform designed to help deliver effective email marketing campaigns you can reach your audience more effectively with cost-efficient email marketing tools and support.

Email Template Design

Send beautiful emails and structure the content in an eye catching and engaging manner, perfect for promoting your brand, new website content, your products and services. Email themes also respond well when viewed on mobile devices.

Workflows & Automation

Workflows can be a useful way of automating general communication between you and your leads or clients. This is done by sending information on a specific date or after your client has taken a certain action. The system can also move members from one segment of your marketing list to another based on their choices. This helps send specific and targeted information to one segment, while another segment receives different information which is targeted to them.

Social Sharing Integration

By including social sharing tools, your readers can share emails across their own social networks. This extends the reach of your email marketing campaign’s message, improving click through and conversion rates.

Reporting & Management

View reports after each email campaign that gets sent out. This allows you to understand how well the email was received and how to improve future campaigns. Most clients ask that their campaigns are managed, however, the system also allows you to manage your own campaigns, view reports and add email lists, should you wish.

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