How Aware Is Your Target Audience Of Your Business & How You Can Help Them?

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Display Advertising

Display advertising is a very effective method to raise awareness and create demand for your brand, product or service, especially if you want to reach larger volumes of people.

Display advertising when done correctly can in fact be one of the most cost effective and targeted methods of advertising on line.

Unlike search network ads such as Google Adwords, the display network is not limited by search volumes, so targeting is key. There a number of targeting options available for display campaigns, like:

  • The user’s geographic location
  • Specific type of devices being used
  • Operating system
  • Audience interests
  • How a user has previously interacted with your site.

Display ads give you the tools to define a specific audience and tailor your ads and offering to their needs. There are also a range of formats on display networks designed for various location placements and types of devices, that you would need to consider. Businesses often find the large amount of targeting and format options overwhelming and are unsure how best to use them.

TWMA help businesses like yours get the most out of your display advertising campaign, by:

Improving Your Display Ad Campaign ROI

Correct setup with careful audience targeting and engaging creative assets is key to launching a successful display advertising campaign and deliver a good return on investment. What is just as important, is managing the campaign regularly, making improvements that will then further improve on your ROI.

Increasing Website Visits

The more your advert is seen across the web, the more clicks it will get. These clicks mean that people who are interested in your products or services are visiting your website. These people are more likely to engage with you further and become clients.

Reducing Ad Campaign Budget Waste

By actively tracking and measuring the data and reports from display ad campaigns you can determine what is working well and what is not. By taking this data and making adjustments to your demographic and location targeting, budget waste will be greatly reduced.

Enhancing Your Brand Awareness

People engage better with brands, products and businesses that they have heard about. Display advertising works differently to the pay per click model. Instead of paying per click you pay for every 1000 times your ad is shown. This allows you to reach a far greater audience and boost awareness.

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