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Facebook Doesnt Show Your Posts To All Your Followers

Facebook Posts Aren’t Shown To All Followers

If you have a company Facebook page, you may have noticed that your Facebook posts are only being shown to around (if not less than) 20% of your audience. This is because Facebook are wanting to charge you to share your posts with a larger audience. Example of what your … Read more

Google Shakes Up Search Marketing Again

Google Shakes Up Search Marketing Again

The search marketing industry is set for another shake up, as Google recently updated its Panda algorithm. Since this update, many rankings have yet to stabilise, leading many to think that a Penguin update is also about to take place. Are your ready for the next Google Panda party? When … Read more

Enhance Your Mobile Marketing

Enhance Your Mobile Marketing

You want to be better than the competition, in regards to your mobile marketing plan. You already may excel at other marketing methods, now you want to master this one. Here are some ideas to help give you the edge on anybody competing for your business. How mobile friendly are … Read more

Internet Marketing - Add It To Your Marketing Mix

Internet Marketing: Add It To Your Marketing Mix

The importance of internet marketing is continuing to expand. Surveys of all kinds show a major shift in traditional marketing budgets to budgets being spent online to market all types of products and services. Add Internet Marketing To Your Marketing Mix Internet Marketing Defined Internet marketing is the use of … Read more

Search Engine Marketing - 3 Useful Tips

Search Engine Marketing – 3 Useful Tips

If you wish your business to succeed online, then search engine marketing is of the utmost importance. It all boils down to quality high value, preferably unique content and strong social signals. This is what the search engines crave. Its what they are always looking for! Here’s my top 3 … Read more

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing – Why Is It So Effective?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a pooling of various online marketing strategies to increase traffic flow to a website, a blanket term which includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMO (Social Media Optimisation), pay-per-click advertising, and paid inclusion into search engines. But why is SEM so effective? A good SEM campaign … Read more

Internet Marketing And Website Conversion

Internet Marketing & Website Conversion

When I sit down with companies to talk about their web site strategy, one of the first questions that I ask is “Why did you originally develop your site?” Often, there’s a moment of uncomfortable silence before someone replies, “because our competitors all had one”, or “our customers kept asking … Read more