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Create Better Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Create Better Email Marketing Campaigns

We have recently been talking with a number of clients about the importance and effectiveness of email marketing. Quite a few of them have taken their general experiences of receiving SPAM and dismiss email marketing as ineffective. Of course they are right! If you have built or bought (NEVER A … Read more

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is among the most critical aspects of any marketing strategy. According to marketing software vendor Hubspot, 92% of all marketers believe social media increases their business’s exposure, and 80% believe it boosts Web traffic. Read on for ten specific benefits of using social media to market your … Read more

Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants

Digital Marketing Tips for Accountants

We have a number of accountant friends so we thought we would write a “Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants” guide as they are always asking us for advice about how they can improve their online marketing. Accountants are highly knowledgeable when it comes to numbers, of course, but some are … Read more

How Effective Is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing – How Effective Can It Be?

Like a magnet inbound marketing will attract the right people to your website and if done right will help them stick with you and what you say. “Inbound digital marketing” refers to promoting a brand, product, or service online via blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, social media, and so on to … Read more

Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Engagement

10 Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Engagement

Using digital marketing can make you feel like you’re juggling knives; you need multiple weapons in your digital marketing arsenal, and you need to manage them all carefully. But what digital marketing activities should you be doing? Here are our top 10 digital marketing activity recommendations… Digital Marketing Focussed Web … Read more

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

A “trend” may be defined as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing. . . . A tendency, movement, course, inclination, or leaning.” So what are the biggest digital marketing trends for the final six months of 2015, that you need to know about? Read on to … Read more

Getting Involved In Social Media

Getting Involved In Social Media Conversations

Everyone knows social media is a great way to make the public aware of your company, your brand, and your product and should be part of your digital marketing strategy. The problem lies in getting potential customers to read your social media postings. Here are some tips: Consider Real-Time Too … Read more

Get More Customers Through Social Media

How To Use Social Media To Win More Customers

Before looking at some tips on how to use social media to win more customers, here are some interesting figures that we have found and put together for you. Why Social Media Is Great For Finding New Customers. If you sell to the public, social media marketing is a vital … Read more

Effective Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Network Marketing

We are asked regularly to talk about concepts and methods for both businesses and individuals to help them with effective social network marketing. Through concepts such as having a goal, building your brand, knowing your audience, calls to action, you will have the upper hand on spreading your message on … Read more

How To Develop Great Content

How To Develop Great Website Content

Writing quality website content on a regular basis, can be quite a demanding process as well as being a challenge to maintain content freshness and audience interest. I must admit that although we help clients with their content, it still remains a challenge for me. Having a strong process behind … Read more