How Effective is Your Business At leveraging Content to Engage & Convert Visitors Into Leads?

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is important – 75% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research & make B2B purchasing decisions

Content marketing is about creating and distributing useful and valuable content in order to attract a clearly defined audience to your website.  The aim is to encourage your audience to take action. Once your audience takes action, they are then lead to eventually convert from visitors to leads and from leads to clients.

It’s important that you identify who your key target audience is and what content your audience values. Once you have identified a target audience and the content important to them, the right type of content can then be created and developed for each stage of the buyer journey.

Content marketing is becoming more and more important as part of the digital relationship building process and to search engines. Working on the following key aspects of content marketing will attract the right visitors to your site and help them engage with you more effectively.

Content Marketing Strategy & Planning

Typically, the more content that is created, the greater volume of traffic your website receives. However in order to be consistent in publishing volumes of content, a content strategy and plan needs to be put in place. This strategy will determine what content you publish where, who the content is for and what its purpose is (attract people from social media or  convert a visitor to a lead). Having a plan in place will ensure that your content is created in advance, ready for publishing.

Build Awareness

Your audience may have a need but are unaware there is a solution. By creating content that addresses your audience’s needs, you are able to make them aware of your solution to their need, encouraging them to spend more time on your website to better understand your solution.

Keep Your Audience Informed

Regularly providing your audience with valuable information that educates the reader, helps them make decisions in your favour. By keeping you and your business at the front of their mind, they are more likely to consider your business when making a decision. By understanding where people are in your buying cycle and what content is relevant to them at each stage, you can provide them with more relevant information which helps increase your conversion rate.

Use Content To Build Trust With Your Audience

Useful, relevant and quality content is important for your business to establish an initial trust between you and your site visitor. This trust forms the basis of a relationship. As the relationship is nurtured further, prospects are more likely to become leads and from leads convert to clients.

Become An Authority

By producing good, helpful, educational content that people want to share on a regular basis, your web authority increases and your website and social pages become a valuable source of information. The greater the authority your website has, the easier it is to be found by those looking for the solutions or information you provide.

Earn Great Links That Point To Your Website

Good content is often shared many times over. As your website becomes an authoritative source of information, it is likely that others will include your website page and blog links in their content. Search engines look for these quality links pointing back to your site, in order to understand how relevant you are to people. Search engines will then consider these backlinks when ranking your site on their search index pages.

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