How To Avoid The Google Penalty

How To Avoid The Nasty Google Penalty

So the nasty Google penalty strikes again and this time threatening to drop the rankings of mobile websites who run pop up scripts on their websites. I am sure this will irritate a number of marketers, website designers and business owners. ItĀ could quite possibly seen as yet another attack by … Read more

How To Develop Great Content

How To Develop Great Website Content

Writing quality website content on a regular basis, can be quite a demanding process as well as being a challenge to maintain content freshness and audience interest. I must admit that although we help clients with their content, it still remains a challenge for me. Having a strong process behind … Read more

Google Shakes Up Search Marketing Again

Google Shakes Up Search Marketing Again

The search marketing industry is set for another shake up, as Google recently updated its Panda algorithm. Since this update, many rankings have yet to stabilise, leading many to think that a Penguin update is also about to take place. Are your ready for the next Google Panda party? When … Read more

Search Engine Marketing - 3 Useful Tips

Search Engine Marketing – 3 Useful Tips

If you wish your business to succeed online, then search engine marketing is of the utmost importance. It all boils down to quality high value, preferably unique content and strong social signals. This is what the search engines crave. Its what they are always looking for! Here’s my top 3 … Read more