How GDPR Affects Marketing

How Will Your Digital Marketing Be Affected by GDPR

Background on GDPR In 1995 the European Union (EU) adopted the Data Protection Directive, intended to protect EU residents from abuses related to the processing of personal data. At the time this was considered an important component of EU privacy and human rights law. A lot has changed since then. … Read more

How To Avoid The Google Penalty

How To Avoid The Nasty Google Penalty

So the nasty Google penalty strikes again and this time threatening to drop the rankings of mobile websites who run pop up scripts on their websites. I am sure this will irritate a number of marketers, website designers and business owners. It could quite possibly seen as yet another attack by … Read more

Digital Marketing Measurement

Digital Marketing Measurement You Should Be Doing

Digital marketing measurement of your campaign efforts is really important. By constantly measuring results you can soon see where you are going right and where you are going wrong. Once you know this you can then adapt to improve your performance the following months to be more effective. What You … Read more

Is Google Advertising Worthwhile

Google Advertising – Is It Worthwhile

I have had a number of businesses that we work with ask me if they should be using Google advertising tools.  My answer every time is yes, and here’s why… Ways You Can Advertise With Google There are 4 ways that you can use Google to advertise your business Search … Read more

Use Your Digital Marketing Budget Smarter

Use Your Online Marketing Spend Smarter

Following the result of the Brexit vote last week I have heard businesses discussing cutting their budgets, especially where their online marketing spend is concerned. This often stems from a belief that marketing is not an essential when it comes to weathering a possible financial storm. Businesses do sometimes need … Read more

Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants

Digital Marketing Tips for Accountants

We have a number of accountant friends so we thought we would write a “Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants” guide as they are always asking us for advice about how they can improve their online marketing. Accountants are highly knowledgeable when it comes to numbers, of course, but some are … Read more

How Effective Is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing – How Effective Can It Be?

Like a magnet inbound marketing will attract the right people to your website and if done right will help them stick with you and what you say. “Inbound digital marketing” refers to promoting a brand, product, or service online via blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, social media, and so on to … Read more

Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Engagement

10 Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Engagement

Using digital marketing can make you feel like you’re juggling knives; you need multiple weapons in your digital marketing arsenal, and you need to manage them all carefully. But what digital marketing activities should you be doing? Here are our top 10 digital marketing activity recommendations… Digital Marketing Focussed Web … Read more

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

A “trend” may be defined as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing. . . . A tendency, movement, course, inclination, or leaning.” So what are the biggest digital marketing trends for the final six months of 2015, that you need to know about? Read on to … Read more

Effective Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Network Marketing

We are asked regularly to talk about concepts and methods for both businesses and individuals to help them with effective social network marketing. Through concepts such as having a goal, building your brand, knowing your audience, calls to action, you will have the upper hand on spreading your message on … Read more