Women’s Fitness Ware Retailer

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TWMA Case Study For Ladies Fitness Wear Retailer


Our client asked us to look at their site as they weren’t getting the traffic and sales they had expected. They wanted to be more dominant for fitness, gym and sports clothing keywords.

What we did

After looking at the on-page SEO, we found that all the web pages had bad title and description tags that weren’t targeting the sports keywords they wanted to. We amended the title and description tags to include better and more relevant keywords along with amended the alt tags to match.

As part of an off-page SEO campaign, we set up a social bookmaking strategy using link diversity to target the websites URL, Keywords and generic keywords.

The Outcome

Our strategy didn’t take long to get going and improve their rankings and traffic, and ultimately their profits. We increased their visits by 125% and their unique visits by 142%. Time spent on their website, by users increased by 147% and conversions grew on average by 37% each month.

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