Specialist Electrical Component Manufacture

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TWMA Client Case Study For A Electrical Components Manufacture


Our client produces electrical components and generators and sell to both private individuals and contractors.

They had an existing campaign, which was not performing at all well, so we took the decision to close it down and start a new campaign, which would not be negatively influenced by historical data.

Our client however had an urgent need to start generating leads and sales quickly, as they had just undergone a management buy-out and re-branding process so time was of the essence.

What We Did

Due to their pressing need to get business quickly, we took a two phase approach to building the campaign. We launched a smaller temporary campaign within 48 hours and then launched the full campaign a week later.

The new Google Adwords account only focused on the search network. Within these campaigns we built 14 ad groups, split between target markets, component terms, functionality terms and brand terms. These ads contained 46 individual ads (split between static and dynamic) and 21,670 keywords (all exact or phrase match).

We set up conversion tracking tools, monitored online form completions, and also integrated bid management systems to ensure that we were achieving the perfect ad positions for our keywords without paying too much.

The Outcome

In the first month the campaign was live we generated over £175,000 worth of sales enquiries on an initial ad-spend of only £800. Over the 6 months the campaign was run we generated over £1,000,000 of enquiries for our client

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