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TWMA Client Case Study For A Property Management Software Company


Our client produces a high-end integrated property management and accountancy software package.

They had an existing Google Adwords account which had 1 campaign, 1 adgroup, 123 keywords (118 of which were broad match) and 1 ad with a budget of £15 a day. It showed ads on both the search and display networks. Their account was costing them £31,850 and had yielded no business, with only 9 sales enquiries.

What We Did

The new Google ad campaign that we setup only focused on the search networks and was split into 2 campaigns, 1 for PCs and 1 for mobiles.

Within these campaigns we built 23 adgroups, split between target markets, software features & benefits brand terms and competitors. These ads contained 76 individual ads (split between static and dynamic) and 97,540 keywords (all exact or phrase match).

We set up conversion tracking tools, monitored online form completions, and also integrated bid management systems to ensure that we were achieving the perfect ad positions for our keywords without paying too much.

The Outcome

We achieved 164 clicks with an average cost per click of £1.50. From this they have generated 36 sales enquiries (from form fill ins) and 3 sales (average sale value over £20k).

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