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TWMA Client Case Study For A Pest Control Company


Our client needed more enquiries and sales from their website as well as better Google rankings.

What we did

We re-vamped the site making the images faster to load and a cleaner layout. We amended the title, description and alt tags to focus on local search terms for pest control in London, and using London areas to refine the search terms.

We also setup a paid search campaign, as well as a system to track phone calls from the website

The Outcome

When we started the campaign our client was receiving around 500 visits per month with a bounce rate of 68.29%. After 6 months we had increased their visits by 400% to 1905 and dramatically dropped their bounce rate to 10.71%. They started to dominate the local search terms for pest control.

Through monitoring email enquiries, landing page conversions and phone calls from the site we noted in the first month the site had generated 105 qualified enquiries (+/-£10 000 of potential business) by the third month the site was generating 394 qualified enquiries (+/-£40 000 of potential business).

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