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TWMA Client Case Study For A Wedding Services Directory


Our client markets over 1000 wedding bands and entertainers through their website. They use Google Adwords as their only method of driving traffic to their website.

They had an existing campaign, which was not producing great results. After auditing their account we realised that we could improve their campaign performance to provide a 25-30% increase in return on investment.

What We Did

We split their solitary campaign into five new campaigns focusing on different devices, locations and focuses; as we used a large number of highly focused long tail keywords. We ended up with over 750,000 keywords, 99.4% of which were phrase or exact match, and 1,230 individual ads.

We installed better conversion tools, allowing us to track not only form enquiries but also emailed and phone call enquiries and live chat conversations with a positive outcome. We also brought in search remarketing in order to adjust the bidding strategy for visitors who had already clicked on ads.

In order to track the whole sales process from search through to enquiry and then sale, we set up a CRM system for the client which integrated into our conversion tracking tools. This allowed us to assign conversion value data to individual facets on the whole campaign (individual keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns)

The Outcome

In the first month the campaign was live we increased their sales enquiries by 30% and their net profit by £3,500, and over the next 4 months decreased their cost per conversion by 35% and doubled their sales enquiries. Using conversion value data we increased profit per conversion by 12%.

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