Fire Alarm & Security Systems Provider

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TWMA Client Case Study For A Fire Alarm And Security Systems Company


Our client provides security and fire alarm systems for businesses and homes in Kent and the surrounding area.

They had an existing Google Adwords account that they had built in-house. It had a poor selection of broad matched keywords and when reviewing the search term query reports, we ascertained that less than 10% of click throughs were potentially relevant.

What We Did

Due to the previous account performing poorly and resulting in poor ad quality scores, we set up a new account so that historical activities would not have any negative impact on the campaign going forward.

The new account only focused on the search networks and was split into 4 campaigns dealing with Home, Business, General and Competitors. Within these campaigns we built 117 adgroups, containing 364 individual ads (split between static and dynamic) and 86,500 keywords (all exact or phrase match).

We set up conversion tracking tools, monitoring online form completions and also set up a telephone tracking system so that every enquiry they received, from any source, was tracked. We also integrated bid management systems.

The Outcome

Once we started to run the campaign, we achieved 1,400 clicks with a click through rate of 2.79% and an average cost per click of £1.61 from a budget to date of approximately of £2,500. From this they have received over 130 enquiries and made approximately 67 sales.

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