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TWMA Client Case Study For A Branded Promotional Gift Company


Our client sells over ten thousand branded promotional products. Their major target markets are individual businesses from SME’s up to large corporates and marketing agencies, who run campaigns on behalf of their clients.

Their existing Google Adword account was not performing well. It had only several hundred keywords, mostly based around basic terms relating to the generic services they offer. They were advertising on both the search and display networks and had only 3 ads in rotation. The click-through rate was less than 0.5% on the search networks and the display networks.

What We Did

We setup a new Google Adwords account, due to the poor historical performance of the previous account. The new account only focussed on the search networks and was split into 2 campaigns dealing with major and minor promotional products.

Within these campaigns we built 131 ad groups, containing 433 individual ads (split between static and dynamic) and 57,000 keywords (all exact or phrase match). We also set up conversion tracking tools and bid management systems.

As well as PPC we also advised on the development of their new website with regard to maximising it’s SEO potential and techniques to maximise conversions through on site enquiries.

The Outcome

We gained approximately 7,000 clicks with a click through rate of 3.42% and an average cost per click (CPC) of £1.09 . From this they have gained over 900 enquiries and approximately 340 sales.

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