Artificial Lawn Installer

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TWMA Client Case Study For An Artificial Lawn Installer

Our client sells and installs a variety of artificial lawns and AstroTurf to private homes, sports clubs, businesses and schools.

They had spent a considerable amount of money on an in-house built Adwords campaign. Our client had no idea how effective this campaign had been and whether it had lead to any sales. They asked us to audit the account and provide recommendations.

What We Did

Initially being brought in to only audit the account we realised that, due to a significant lack of data, we would have to set up a range of tracking tools in order to build up meaningful data.

We set up form, email and phone conversion tracking tools. We also set up several goals in Google Analytics in order to track the quality of non-converting visitors.

After collecting data for a month we were able to show the client that their campaign was losing them money. From the £2,500 spend they had received only 3 enquiries, only 1 of which was meaningful. We were also able to show that approximately £1,400 of their spend was completely wasted and the remainder of their spend was costing much more than it should have done.

Our client then employed us to rebuild their campaign. Our first step was to close their existing Google Adwords account, as the historically bad performance would have made it considerably harder to achieve positive results.

We created their new Google Adwords account using a best practice approach and segregating the budget by region and customer type. In total we created 14 individual campaigns, 132 ads and approximately 57,000 keywords.

The Outcome

In month 1 our client spent a conservative £1,000 and from that they received 38 enquiries, which turned into 11 sales, a Cost Per Acquisition of £90.90 (target was below £100). In month 2 our client raised their spend to £3,000 and made 35 sales (Cost Per Acquisition of £85.71).

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